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Impulse Hosted

Flexible Impulse Solution

Get all the features of Impulse with greater flexibility & access

Our hosted solution allows practices wanting access to Impulse from multiple locations, the advantage of a networked solution without the hassle of managing a server.

MedNet Group host your Impulse database on one of our ultra secure servers and provide you with a login connection.

WE look after the maintenance, and cost of, the server and your Impulse installation, while you still get a complete practice, patient and billing management software solution.

What Does Hosted Mean?

Instead of being installed on a computer inside your practice, Impulse is installed on a server that is owned and managed by MedNet Group.

All servers are located inside industry standard data centres and protected by high grade firewalls.

What Does a Hosted Solution Include?

Every hosted solution includes:

  • Impulse ds Software;
  • Daily Backups;
  • Automatic Updates to Impulse;
  • All Medicare, DVA & Health Fund Fee Updates;
  • Unlimited Telephone & Email Support.
How Do I Access Impulse?

When you sign-up for our hosted solution, MedNet Group will provide you with all of the login details for your connection to our server and your login to access your Impulse software.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start from $110.00 (inc GST) per concurrent connection to your Impulse software. The per connection costs decreases the greater number of connections at one time – e.g. if you have 7 users the price is reduced to $88.00 (inc GST) per connection (for a total of $616.00 per month, inc GST).

A concurrent connection is the number of users that are accessing the software are one time. You are not limited on the number of providers, locations or users setup within Impulse.

A Hosted Impulse solution is billed monthly, on a subscription basis.

What If I Want To Get My Own Server?

If you decide you want to implement your own server into your practice, or bring Impulse in-house, you can.

All you have to do is pay-off any remaining installments and we can assist you in moving your database from our server to yours.

Want to find out if a Hosted Impulse solution in right for your practice? Call us on 1300 765 110 or Contact Us