15242/5 Billing Example

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Why Online Practice Management Software is an Attractive Solution

Why Online Practice Management Software is so Attractive

By now, I am sure that you are well aware that there is a movement towards online medical practice management software in Australia. In fact, many existing software players in the market have an online offering for practices.   Those deeply embedded in the technology scene understand why online software is such an attractive solution […]

Extended ECLIPSE Claiming

Extended ECLIPSE claiming

Many specialists and hospital facilities use the more common features of ECLIPSE to claim in-patient medical services. But 2 extended ECLIPSE claiming features are not as widely used.   In-Hospital Claiming & Overseas Claiming are less commonly used. In-Hospital claiming can only used by private and public hospitals and day facilities.   In this article, […]

Understanding ECLIPSE claiming

Understanding ECLIPSE Claiming Getting paid by Medicare, DVA & Health Funds has never been so simple. Through Services Australia Medicare Online & ECLIPSE claiming channels, there is less paperwork, shorter payment turn around times and funds are deposited directly in your bank account within days. If you are a specialist provider or hospital organisation, we’re […]

What Practice Management Software Can Do For Your Medical Practice

It is impossible to go through day to day life without using technology to make your life easier. Just about every healthcare professional has a computer, a smartphone and in many instance a tablet/ipad. And even if you are not using dedicated practice management software in your medical business, there is every chance that you […]

Add Referral in Odyssey

This video will walk users step by step through the process of adding a new referral for a patient within Odyssey

What Is Manual Claiming Really Costing You?

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard practices tell me that the cost of implementing an electronic claiming solution is way too much (or even not needed) because they only process “a handful of claims each week”.   Now I don’t want to sound like all I want to do is sell […]