Cloud Desktops for Healthcare Practices

MedNet Group’s Cloud Desktop is a fully managed and secure virtual desktop offered to healthcare practices within Australia. Our cloud desktop allows users to perform day to day tasks, just like they would on a desktop computer – without access being restricted to sitting in front of the physical desktop.


Cloud computing and software is growing in popularity within healthcare practices as a cost effective way to both protect your sensitive information, give your practice the flexibility to work anywhere, and minimise the management of your IT and updates.


Not all healthcare practices are ready to upgrade to cloud (online) practice management software. Yet they like the idea of minimising the amount of time spent on managing the IT that comes with cloud software.


MedNet Group’s cloud desktop is the perfect balance of not having to change the software and applications within their practice while getting all the benefits of implementing cloud software.

How Cloud Desktops Work?

A cloud desktop allows you to move your software and data from your desktop computer to a secure server, giving you access to your information from anywhere.


Your software and data is stored on our secure servers. Each server is protected by bank grade security and is continuously monitored for threats.


Users access their desktop via a compatible web browser. And their experience is very similar to running applications on their computer’s desktop.


Each virtual desktop is customised for the users specific needs. You are in control of advising what software needs to be installed to make your practice work efficiently.

Spend Less Time Managing IT

MedNet Group’s cloud desktop solution lets you simplify the management of the IT within your practice.


MedNet Group manages your cloud desktops for you, so that you do not have to allocate resources that are better used helping in your patient’s care.


We back up each cloud desktop at least once a day. All operating system patching and updates is managed by our team.


We can also manage your application and software updates.


We provide continuous security monitoring and best practice security measures are implemented to maximise the protection of your sensitive data.

What’s Included With Our Cloud Desktops

MedNet Group’s cloud desktop solution means that you do not have to change the way you work to get the benefit of flexibility for your practice.


During your initial setup, we install ALL the software that you currently use in your practice as well as all your folders, files and documents. None of you existing setup will change.


Every cloud desktop includes the following features as standard:

  • Minimum 99.5% uptime
  • Fully maintained Windows Operating System – including updates
  • Backups, at least daily
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Initial setup of all required software, files, folders and documents
  • Setup, management and decommission of users
  • Discounted, on call IT support for 3rd party software upgrades and additional installations

Simply Pay For What You Use

Practices are charged monthly for the number of users they have setup. You can easily scale up or scale down as demand within your practice changes.


With no locked in contracts, you can disable your cloud desktop at any time and only pay through the end of the current period.


Operating systems, limited hard disk storage, security monitoring and backups are included in the standard monthly user fee.


No additional setup fees for initial install.


Management and installation of additional software (after initial install) and extra disk storage will be charged extra.

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