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Practice Management Software To Power Your Business

Designed to help your practice succeed

Impulse is a powerful software solution that can manage the patient and clinical administration for any size practice. Impulse has all the features that you have come to expect as standard in practice software.


We recognise that not any two practices are the same. Our modular approach allows you to tailor a practice management software solution to meet the needs of your practice. As you grow, your Impulse solution can grow with you.


Our comprehensive user modules allows you to nominate clinical and administrative users, so that they only access the features they need. You also have control to lock user accounts on a “need to know” basis, as added protection for your sensitive patient data.


All our solutions allow practices to manage unlimited providers and locations. Pay only for the number of workstations connected at one time – NOT based on doctors OR locations.

Base Impulse Packages

MedNet have designed 3 base Impulse solutions for practices as a starting point for your practice.


You can swap features to build a fully customised practice management software solution that meets your needs.


Features Impulse ac Impulse se Impulse ds
Patient Details
Billing (Medicare, DVA, Health Fund, Third Party & Private)
Medicare Online
Patient Alerts
Referring Doctors
Patient Claims
Comprehensive Reporting
Appointment Book
SMS Appointment Reminders
Theatre Lists
Word Processing
Waiting Room
SMS Recall Reminders (additional charges apply)
Custom built HL7 messaging (charges may apply)

Impulse is available on desktop, in the cloud or hosted on our servers

Desktop Solution

Ideal for practices that would like their practice management software installed on the local computers within their practice. Setup and software installation is required at the practice. Impulse is purchased as a one-time payment. Only available on computers running Windows.

Cloud Solution

Ideal for practices that have multiple locations or providers that are always on the go. Impulse is installed on our secure servers and practices access their software via the internet. Subscription based payment. Can convert to desktop installation for a fee. Available on any platform and device

Hosted Solution

Ideal for practices that consult in multiple locations and don’t want the hassle of managing their own server. Impulse is installed on our secure servers and practices access via RDP. Requires minimal setup to connect and printers only. Available on computers running Windows. Upfront payment for purchase of Impulse with ongoing subscription fees for access.

Want to know more? Request a call. Or call us on 1300 765 110

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Unlimited support from a team you can rely on

MedNet have been developing and supporting practice management software since the early 1990’s. With our software installed in Hospitals, Specialists, Allied Health & GP’s we have experience to support you. Our friendly telephone support team are available to help and guide you every step of the way, so you get the answers you need every time. We are happy to answer any questions that you have, so get in touch on 1300 765 110, anytime.

Want to know more? Request a call. Or call us on 1300 765 110